Abdominal Exercises 10 of 20

 Cable Crunch
Description: Kneel on the floor grasping the cable from above. (see movie) Perform an abdominal compression and curl downward flexing from the spine. Do not go past 30-40 degrees flexion. Do not hold your breath.

Analysis: The mechanics of this exercise are similar to a crunch, with the amount of resistance being dictated by the cable machine as opposed to gravity. The range of motion should be the same as if you were on the floor. Avoid flexing the spine beyond 30-40 degrees, to prevent shifting the muscular effort from the abdominals to the hip flexor muscles.

Common Errors:
  • Using too much resistance. Only use resistance which can be controlled with proper form and technique. Be sure to go slow and concentrate on moving the weight with your abdominal muscles instead of your arm or hip flexor muscles.
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    Primary muscles worked: Transversus Abdominis, Rectus Abdominis, Internal Obliques, External Obliques

    Variations: If skilled and well trained, you can emphasize the external obliques by adding rotation to the opposite side with flexion of the spine.