116 Mermaid

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Start standing with the side of the body to the pool's edge in neutral posture. Outside leg is placed behind and close to the inside leg. Place hand on noodle near outside arm.
This is a two-part move.

Part One
Inhale: Abduct outside arm over head with scapular stabilized. Arm nearest wall reaches toward wall and touches it lightly. Let noodle remain in water.
Exhale: Laterally flex trunk (side bend) as top arm reaches extending through elbow towards wall. Bottom arm extends to wall placing hand on wall to support body weight. Outside arm remains overhead.
Inhale: Return to upright trunk position outside arm still remains overhead. Inside arm stays in contact with wall.
Exhale: Lower outside arm to noodle.

Part Two
Inhale: Inside arm comes away from wall to reach overhead.
Exhale: Outside arm reaches toward noodle while laterally flexing spine away from wall.
Inhale: Return to upright posture.
Exhale: Adduct inside arm (near wall) back to starting position.