112 Saw

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Start standing in waist to chest deep water. Legs abducted to a little past shoulder width while keeping the back in a neutral position. Arms are abducted 70-85 degrees at sides of body (like Aquatic Jumping Jack arms) in line with the peripheral vision, while keeping the scapula depressed and cervical region elongated.

Inhale: Begin with a lengthening of the torso up and out of the hips to feel like you are standing very tall while arms reach away to opposite pool walls.
Exhale: Rotate the torso to the right while flexing right hip with knee extended, reaching the left hand toward the lateral side of right lower leg progressing to right ankle. At the same time, think of cementing the opposite hip away from movement. The right arm will be pronated as it reaches backward "to take a tip," with palm up.
Do not over rotate hips. Continue to flex forward with rotation at the torso as left hand moves closer to the outstretched leg.
Inhale: Roll the torso up by articulating spine into standing position, starting from the hip to crown of head. Keep the spine rotated.
Exhale: Rotate the spine back to the centered starting position.

Repeat to opposite side. Complete 4-6 repetitions with controlled movements.

* Use od buoyant hand bars increases workload on lats and lower traps. Use caution as this is more advanced.