106 Single Leg Stretch (Advanced)

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Start lying supine in water with knees and hips flexed 90 degrees into a tub position with buoyant noodle under arms or barbells in hands to provide support. Student should reach for ankle with same hand and toward top of knee with opposite hand.

Inhale: To prepare for movement by compressing abdominal muscles and stabilizing scapula.
Exhale: Extend one leg with opposite leg flexed at knee and hip. Reach across chest with outside arm toward flexed knee as far as one can move with buoyancy barbells in hands or noodle under arms. Draw the same arm as the flexed leg toward knee to mid-calf of flexed leg. Alternate legs and arms slowly, exhaling forcefully with every switch.
Inhale: When exercises completed, flex knees and hips back to tub position with knees coming toward chest.
Exhale: Come to a standing position or prepare for Oblique Single Leg Stretch.