103 Roll Up - Roll Down on Wall

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Start standing with back to pool wall with hips extended and knees extended keeping the pelvis in a neutral position. Feet are shoulder width apart. The arms are at sides with elbow extended, scapular stabilized and palms slightly supinated. Contract transversus abdominus and pelvic floor muscles.

Inhale: To elongate cervical region, reaching fingertips toward pool bottom, keeping scapula depressed. Contract transversus abdominus and pelvic floor muscles.
Exhale: Flex the spine off the pool wall, move very slowly one vertebra at a time. Stay in this forward flexed position as the body comes off the wall. Arms reach toward pool bottom to about 30-40 degrees of spinal flexion - stopping short of submerging the head. Do not go into hip flexion.
Inhale: Once the student has reached full flexion of spine, have them reverse the process. Maintain a depressed scapula throughout movement.
Exhale: Finish extending the back into the pool wall ending with arms returning to sides of body and pelvis in neutral. Return to starting position and prepare for One Leg Circle.