092 Saw

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: Student should start sitting on SITS bones, legs abducted to a little past shoulder width, and the back is in neutral position. Arms are abducted to 90 degrees at side with the scapula depressed. Ankles are dorsi flexed with heels outward.

Inhale: Begin with a lengthening of the torso up and out of the hips sitting tall.
Exhale: Rotate the torso to the left, reaching the right hand toward the left foot. At the same time, think of cementing the hips into the floor. The left arm will be medially rotated. Do not over rotate hips. Continue to flex forward with rotation at the torso moves closer to the outstretched leg.
Inhale: Roll the torso up articulating spine, starting from the abdominals. Keep the spine rotated laterally rotating the back arm.
Exhale: Rotate the spine back to the starting position.

Purpose: The purpose of the exercise is to enhance the stabilization of the spine while rotating. This is very similar to Spine Twist exercise. The student should keep the pelvis neutral to emphasize the flexibility of the rotators in torso.

Variations: Do not allow the opposite hip to lift or the feet to move as a result of hips over rotating. Keep the abdominal contraction through out exercise.

Progression: Increase range of motion to enhance flexibility.