120 Tango Twist Additional Variation 2

Straight leg

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• Standing with feet hip width apart
• Hands on hips
• The tango twist is performed with a kick instead of a knee up- there is less turning on the hopping foot.
• Hop and SMALL turn on the right foot: kick across, out, across, and put the foot down center. Switch legs hopping on the left and kicking right
• Work the leg and core by pressing the leg up and down
• You can also bring it up left, middle, right OR open, cross, open OR make variations with the across and out
Arm Pattern:
• Place your hands on your hips so the arms do not assist and make more work for the core OR the arms can assist if needed
• You can vary by opening the arms when the leg comes down
• You can add different arm patterns to change this sequence
• You can repeat the variation with the same leg (eg a few times left, a few times right)
• You can also let the arms scull for better balance if needed
Cue Words: "up, up, up, down" OR
"up, out, up, and down"