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  • Alternate kicks with a jump to change- like a Russian kick
  • Arms are held stationary
  • Kick the right leg side, keep the knee up and kick the right leg front
  • Jump and change legs kicking the left leg side and front
  • Continue side and front kicks alternating legs
  • You can also do it in 1/2 water tempo: Kick right side, bounce center, kick right front, bounce center, kick left side, bounce center, kick left front, bounce center. This will take 8 counts instead of 4.
Arm Pattern:
  • There is not really an arm pattern, the arms are in “Kozak” style
  • Cross your bent arms over each other and hold them at water surface in front
  • Lower your arms if you have shoulder problems
  • Do not bring your arms up, higher than your head, shoulders relaxed
Cue Words: “side, front-switch, side, front-switch” or “out, front” or “russ-ian, vod-ka” :)