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More Front
  • This is a more advanced move using Level II and Level III
  • Start in neutral narrow stance, low in the water, Level II
  • There are two 8 count parts to this move, try the front part first, then the side part, then link them together
  • Kick right leg front and down, left leg side and down
  • Kick the right leg up, left comes up to join it, small kick both from the knees and put the legs down
  • Kick left leg side and down, right leg front and down
  • Kick left leg side, right comes up to join it to the side, small kick both legs from the knees to the side, put both legs down
  • After mastering one side, you can repeat the whole pattern with a left kick to the front lead!
Arm Pattern:
  • Skull to side through entire move, try not to turn during the move
  • Don't cue the arms to go there or there, let them decide which is best
Cue Words: “front, down, side, down, front, up, kick, and-down, side, down, front, down, side, up, kick, and-down”