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Reverse 3 ski
  • This move uses both water tempo for 2 skis and then 3 skis faster at land tempo, so the last 2 counts (3rd ski and hold) change into 3 fast skis.
  • Start with 2 cross country skis at water tempo
  • Now speed it up and make 3 fast changes of the legs (smaller cross country skis)
  • Don't try to have the legs wide, make sure you can still change the legs in a full range of motion back and forward
Arm Pattern:
  • Extend the arms back for the first ski
  • Sweep them forward and down for the second ski
  • Hold them down for balance for the 3 fast skis
Cue Words: “1, 2, 1-2-3” or “ski, ski, fast-fast-fast”