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Ski switch
  • The clue here is to start without any arm pattern
  • Hold the upper body ‘tight', squeeze your tummy in with the switch
  • Good move to use in any choreography, clients love it
  • Start with a ski right leg and left leg
  • Use three fast counts (land tempo) to jump the feet out and around to switch the forward and back leg
  • You can make the jumps forward/back and smaller to just pass the midline of the body
  • You can jump in a bigger circle around the body
Arm Pattern:
  • No arms are added here, so you can focus on the legs
  • Add arms as you like, one could be in front, one in the back then switch them opposite of the legs, let them follow the move
Cue Words: “1 and 2 and jump a- round” or “ski, ski, jump-to-switch” or “ski, ski, jump-jump-jump”