186 Meniscus and PFS Resistance Training Exercises

Aquatic Cycling

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Starting Position:
Attach a buoyancy belt, or other type of flotation equipment to the torso to maintain postural alignment. Flex at the hips and knees, as if seated on a floating chair.

Action: Move the legs in a pedaling motion as if riding a bicycle.

Exercise Benefits:
  • Exercise can be performed using hip and knee flexion less then 45 degrees to lubricate the joints as a warm up activity.
  • Emphasize pressing the leg down towards the pool bottom (hip/knee extension) to increase strength of the gluteus maximus and hamstrings, important for improved function of the lower extremity.
Muscles Involved: Gluteus maximus, hamstrings, hip flexors, and quadriceps.

Form Cues:
  • Keep range of motion small if using as a warm up.
  • Imagine you are on a stationary bike in the highest seat position, making it difficult to reach the pedals.