111 Vertebral Column Resistance Training Exercises

Hip Flexion & Extension
Starting Position: Start in center stance position in an upright posture. Arms may gently scull at the sides to aid balance.

Action: Lift one leg at the hip up towards the surface of the water. Return the leg back down to starting position (or just past neutral).

Exercise Benefits:
  • When extension is emphasized, strengthening of the gluteus maximus and hamstrings will occur. The emphasis on extension is recommended for LBP.
Muscles Involved: Hip flexors, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, and hamstrings.

Form Cues:
  • Brace the abdominals for pelvic stability.
  • Maintain neutral alignment and focus on movement at the hip to avoid lumbar hyperextension or assistance from the trunk during the exercise. Avoid hip flexion greater than 90 degrees for LBP.
  • To reduce the intensity of the resistance, bend at the knee to shorten the lever length.

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To progress strengthening of the hamstrings and gluteus maximus, add use of rubberized resistance attached to the lower leg.

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Hip Flexion & Extension using Rubberized Resistance.
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