073 Upper Extremity Resistance Training Exercises


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Starting Position:
Stand in a lunge stance. Brace the abdominals and flex forward at the hip, leaning to about 45 degrees. Maintain neutral spinal alignment with the knees slightly bent. Allow one arm to hang freely. This arm should be perpendicular to the pool bottom.

Action: Move the arm, at the shoulder joint, in a circular motion, as if drawing a circle on the bottom of the pool. Repeat in the opposite direction.

Exercise Benefits:
  • An individual with a rotator cuff tear must receive medical clearance before performing this exercise.
  • This small ROM activity helps to lubricate the shoulder joint, making it a recommended warm up exercise.
Muscles Involved: Subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor.

Form Cues:
  • Brace the abdominals and tip forward at the hips, careful to avoid spinal flexion.
  • Allow the arm to feel "heavy", allowing it to hang freely in the water.
  • Imagine like you are drawing a circle on the pool floor.