144 Total Hip Replacement Resistance Training Exercises

Terminal Knee Extension

Starting Position: Step one foot slightly in front of the other foot, but not into a tandem stance. Keep the majority of weight distributed on the back foot.

Action: Bend the knee of the front leg to 30-40 degrees of flexion. Extend at the knee straightening the leg. Hold at end range of motion for 3-5 seconds and repeat action.

Exercise Benefits:
  • Improving strength of the quadriceps, especially the vastus medialis oblique (VMO), this movement is recommended as both a prehab and post rehab exercise for THR.
Muscles Involved: Quadriceps.

Form Cues:
  • Brace the abdominals and draw the muscles of the pelvic floor up for pelvic stability.
  • Maintain both feet in contact with pool bottom at all times.
  • Pull the kneecap up towards the hip and squeeze the quadriceps.

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To add progressive overload and progress this exercise, attach a buoyancy cuff to the upper leg positioned just above the knee.

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Terminal Knee Extension using Buoyant Equipment.
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