044 Core Strength Exercises


Starting Exercise:
  • On knees with forearms resting on a stability ball in front.
  • Use the arms to roll the ball out away from the torso, bringing the hips to an extended position.
  • Roll the ball back in to hip flexed position.
  • When you roll out, keep the abdominals and back engaged.Do not hyperextend the back.Tighten the core to roll back.
  • Use padding under the knees.

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Rollout Variations:
  1. Roll out from knees down position:
    1. Roll out with stability ball
    2. Roll out with a towel. (may be easier for beginners) (elbows and hands)
    3. Roll out with an abdominal rolling wheel
    4. Roll out with an abdominal rolling wheel, add a weighted vest or backpack
    5. Roll out with an abdominal rolling wheel from a standing position (longer levers- harder)
  2. Variations for Towel roll out:
    1. Roll out with a towel from a push up or frontal plank postion
    2. Forearm plank position- scoot elbows out and in
  3. Roll out with band on roll out wheel- tension on flexion