055 Aqua Pilates Exercises

Rolling Back

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Starting Position:
  • Supine; pool noodle placed behind the shoulders and under each arm
  • Legs shoulder-distance apart; hips and knees flexed
  • Feet plantarflexed
  • Posterior pelvic tilt
  • Thoracic spine flexed forward over thighs
  • Arms lengthened toward feet
  • Scapular stabilized
  • Inhale: while expanding the rib cage laterally and posteriorly; stabilize the shoulders
  • Exhale: forcefully while engaging abdominals to deepen lumbar flexion; tuck the tailbone under and roll the anterior superior iliac spine away from front of femurs
  • Inhale: while maintaining spinal stabilization in flexion and roll forward bringing anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) closer toward front of femurs
Repetition(s): 5 - 8