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Starting Position:

  • Supine; Pool noodle placed behind the shoulders and under each arm
  • Scapula stabilized
  • Cervical spine neutralized
  • Lumbar spine in posterior tilt
  • Thoracic spine lengthened
  • Legs tightly adducted and extended above water as high as stabilization of hip flexion can be maintained
  • Ankles plantarflexed


  • Inhale:while focusing on expanding the rib cage laterally and posteriorly; stabilize the shoulders
  • Exhale:while circumducting the legs clockwise to the right
  • Inhale:while continuing to circumduct the legs behind the torso to prone position
  • Exhale:forcefully while engaging the abdominals to deepen the lumbar flexion; pull the legs underneath the torso to standing position and continue to pull the leg forward to supine starting position
  • Reverse direction

Repetitions: Alternating 3 in each direction