Spine Twist

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Starting Position:

  • Seated; water at chest level
  • Cervical and lumbar spine neutralized
  • Scapula stabilized
  • Chin level to the pool floor; eye gaze to the horizon
  • Arms extended and abducted with palms down; half a pool noodle in each hand
  • Hips flexed 90-degrees
  • Legs extended and tightly adducted; ankles dorsiflexed


  • Inhale:while expanding the rib cage laterally and posteriorly; emphasize axial elongation and stabilize the shoulders
  • Exhale:forcefully to engage the transverse abdominals and rotate the torso to the right, pulsing 3. With each pulse spiral higher, grow taller as you increase the rotation but avoid moving out of your comfort zone
  • Inhale:while returning to starting position
  • Exhale:forcefully while rotating the torso to the left, pulsing 3

Repetitions: 3-5 each side