090 Anchored Stabilization Work
Anchored UE (Upper Extremity) Challenges

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Water Depth:
Chest deep

Exercise Description:

  • Start with a wide anchored stance
  • Choose a gentle hand shape to start (slicing through the water with a narrow hand)
  • Explore the options given: turning imaginary skipping ropes, stirring pots, swinging an imaginary baseball bat / tennis racket or golf club; matador / reverse matador


  • Maintain Power Posture with your neck relaxed and shoulders down
  • Engage the pelvic stabilizers and core throughout
  • Maintain regular breathing
  • Review hand shape options to increase / decrease intensity
  • Hands can be parallel or together, depending on comfort of the shoulders and neck
  • Speed and range of motion will affect work intensity: go faster if you wish, but do not sacrifice technique or aggravate pain

Exercise Considerations / Contraindications:

  • Monitor comfort / pain throughout these movements as well as post-exercise.
  • Start with less than you think you can do, and progress from there.
  • If the exercise hurts, modify intensity options or stop doing the exercise (if a comfortable option cannot be found).
  • Avoid chilling, since this amplifies muscle tension / pain.
  • In cooler pools, do a thorough warm up; intersperse anchored stabilization exercises for short intervals between more vigorous cardiovascular exercises; wear appropriate water clothing.