058 Aquatic Core Exercises
Prone Aqua Plank

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Water Depth

  • Waist to chest deep. Once learned, can be done in deeper water.

Exercise Description

  • Start in standing alignment, holding the noodle with hands shoulder-width apart.
  • Engage the core and press the noodle downward in front of thighs.
  • Maintain straight wrists, neutral neck / spine, and scapular set.
  • Step back one leg at a time, until supporting the weight of the body on the arms / noodle.
  • Maintain stability of all segments, holding a straight, stable plank position, with the body inclined at 30 - 45°.
  • The feet can be touching the floor or floating. If the feet are not touching the floor (deeper water / more buoyant person), additional activation of abdominal and gluteal muscles will be required in order to maintain inclined plank alignment with the feet lower than the hips.
  • To end the exercise, step one foot forward below the shoulders; step in with the other foot, and stand up.