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What is the appropriate PRESCRIPTION?
How can I design and present the exercise so it is effective, safe and easy to learn.

Exercise prescription involves asking your client to perform movements and exercises to accomplish a purpose or goal. This links with the previous topic of Population consideration when demonstrating and adapting any exercise and how it can and does affect the target muscles, joints, impact, etc. Rule of thumb is simply to prescribe in accordance with what is tried, tested and generally approved by the health-fitness industry over-all. Sometimes by trying to be a little too creative and unique you can in turn become contraindicated or prescribe questionably. If you cause injury to your client you can be held responsible and face repercussions legally. So simply err on the side of caution, rather than being too adventurous and risky. This also means that you must be well educated and remain updated on industry standards and recommendations. Remember too that there are “fad” programs that have not been designed in accordance with industry standards and it is your responsibility to be able to decipher the “beauty from the beast” and to prescribe within safe and effective parameters.