057 Neuro Linguistic Recognition (NLR)
Visual Communicator continued...

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Visuals rarely make or use notes, as they are likely to forget where they put them unless they use a picture to track them down! If they make a list for the shopping centre, they will forget it leaving it at home. They go shopping, purchase everything except what was on the original list, unless they have visualized each item and where it is in the aisles of the shopping centre.

This type of person is normally a flashy or colourful dresser, and will be able to tell you directions to a location by landmarks and pictures, rather than street names and distances. They are normally very motivated and big in all their body language attributes, seeming to travel at a thousand miles an hour. They normally have more than one thought processing at the same time, and sometimes appear to be covering more than one subject simultaneously jumping from one subject to another. The Visual Communicator is normally a slight touch person, and loves to move about when communicating.