050 Core

1 Arm Sweep Progression

Core Emphasis: Stabilization through exercise

Water Depth: Armpit level or slightly lower when standing upright.

Stance: Moderate width squat position with shoulders submerged. Arms out to the sides with elbows bent, bottom of water walker pointed forward.

Action: Sweep one arm across the front of the body and back out. Repeat with the other arm. Continue alternating right/left single arm sweep motions.

Cues: Keep the feet, knees, pelvis and shoulder girdle still–NO movement from the waist. This is a stabilization exercise. You are trying to keep the core (pelvis and shoulder girdle) perfectly still while the arms sweep across the front and back creating turbulence.


  • With Slight Flexion/Rotation Added
    Continue the alternate sweeping motion across the front of the body adding slight flexion (crunch) and torso rotation. Keep pelvis stationary.
  • Incorrect exercise form is shown.