046 Core

Standing Crunch Progression

Core Emphasis: Rectus Abdominis and Spinal Erectors

Water Depth: Armpit level or slightly lower when standing upright.

Stance: Moderate width squat position with shoulders submerged. Bend the elbows and lock the shoulders with the elbows at the sides. Grasp the edges of the water walker (single) or overlap the water walkers slightly in front (double).

Action: Keeping the arms stationary, crunch forward against the resistance of the water walker, and return to upright.

Cues: Keep the feet, knees, and pelvis still–move from the waist ONLY. Keep the shoulders down and back and the arms tucked in position with the water walkers–no movement from the elbows or shoulders. Concentrate on movement from the waist only, keeping the legs and pelvis still and the upper torso locked and led by the torso flexion and extension.

Progression Shown:

  • Less intense with one water walker
  • More intense with 2 water walkers
  • Improper form and technique to avoid