041 Upper Torso

Elevated Forearm Curls

Muscles Worked: Biceps and Triceps, Static Deltoid to hold arms up in position.

Water Depth: Armpit level or slightly lower when standing upright.

Stance: Front to back lunge position, squatting with shoulders submerged, arms bent with bottom of water walker against chest at shoulder height.

Action: With hands at shoulder height and elbows up, keep the elbows up and the shoulder stationary while extending and flexing from the elbows.

Cues: Keep the shoulders down and back with the elbows lifted. Concentrate on movement from the elbow only. Contract the core and keep the pelvis locked in neutral to keep the body still and grounded while moving from the elbows only.


With Rotation:
Add Supination and pronation to the elevated arm curl. Pronate as you extend outward and supinate as your flex inward. (see video on this page for both exercises)