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  • This Rocking Mambo will keep people moving
  • The legs make the shape of an X and it is good for opening the hip musculature
  • Pivot on the ball of the foot from the hip keeping the knee over the toes- don't twist the knee
  • Mamba front right foot to the right diagonal, mamba right foot back to the left diagonal (4 water tempo counts)
  • Mamba right foot to the back right diagonal, pivot and mamba right foot forward to the left diagonal
  • (right leg/foot moves to: right front, left back, left back, right front)
Arm Pattern:
  • Arms assist the move to make all the turns
  • When pivoting, accelerate the arm movement to help twist
  • Let them swing from side to side in between the turns
Cue Words: “front, back, side, front” or “right, left, right, left”