083 Aqua Pilates Exercises

Side Kick

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Starting Position:
  • Side-leaning in toward pool wall; one hand on edge of pool, other hand at waistline
  • Eye gaze to horizon
  • Scapula stabilized
  • Neutral spine and pelvis
  • Keep slight lateral flexion, top hip stacked above bottom hip
  • Slight hip flexion; legs adducted, extended and slightly angled forward; ankles dorsiflexed
Action:Hold on to the pool wall with the left hand and:
  • Inhale: while focusing on expanding the rib cage laterally and posteriorly; stabilize shoulders; flex the right hip and extend the leg with foot dorsiflexed upward; pulse twice
  • Exhale: while stabilizing pelvis; sweep the right leg back into hip extension with foot plantarflexed
  • Repeat: with left leg
Repetition(s): 8 - 10