059 Neuro Linguistic Recognition (NLR)
Auditory Communicator continued...

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The auditory person typically dresses very conservatively, have attended every lecture and workshop at a conference, read every book on communication skills, and attempt to employ every trick of this trade. (Unfortunately many of the tricks fail, due to lack of fluidity of their body language and robotic delivery.)

The auditory person makes a list for everything for the Shopping Centre, goes and comes back with everything on that list, nothing more nothing less. When asked directions they will not only be able to name almost every street you must travel, which direction at which intersection, but also exact distances between each. When communicating, they like to keep purely on the singular subject discussed, and wont appreciate change of this subject until it is completely finished.

They normally are "don't touch me" type of people who definitely like their own body space, and hate infringement of any part of it, unless they instigate it. Many times auditory communicators struggle with visual communicators, as the speed and erratically of them grate like chalk on a blackboard to them. Likewise, the visual communicator finds the auditory communicator normally totally boring, and just wants to get away from them to get active again.